How the love affair with Aloe began!

Simplee Aloe has been brought to you by two friends, Alex and Ray, who discovered the goodness of aloe on a trip to Asia. They became instantly hooked after drinking aloe vera everyday and noticing the benefits.

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Unfortunately back
in the UK...

...and no aloe plant to hand, the boys set out to find a tasty aloe drink that they could drink on-the-go whilst still reaping the endless benefits of aloe.

When it came to finding this drink on the shelves, all they discovered were super sugary and processed juices with very little aloe inside...

And so... Simplee Aloe was born!

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The pair were determined to make a tasty drink with a high aloe content and completely natural ingredients.

They began to experiment with different flavours and combinations at home in their kitchens, before perfecting the recipe of over 35% pure aloe vera with tasty fruit juices and launching nationwide…

here we are!

We know that everyone enjoys their aloe in different ways. So, we’re constantly adding new flavours to our range. Not only that but we’ve just launched a pure, 100% Aloe Vera juice supplement. Whether you prefer your aloe on its own, as part of your morning smoothie or as a drink on the go mixed with some tasty juices, we’ve got something for everyone...