Does Simplee Aloe’s aloe vera juice vary in colour and taste?

Our aloe vera contains completely natural ingredients, therefore taste and colour may vary in plant to plant. Our natural aloe vera is unfiltered so there may be sediment at the bottom of the bottle but this is safe to consume. It is also important to consider the climate, rainfall and soil conditions which have an effect on the plants colour and taste. Our products undergo thorough quality testing and we will only sell the highest quality aloe vera to you.

Does Simplee Aloe’s aloe vera contain aloin?

Absolutely not. We only use the gel of the inner leaf, which contains none of the bitter aloin found in the outer rind. Aloin is only found in the outer leaf, which is not included in our Aloe Vera Juice. We test for aloin to make 100% sure that none has made it into our supplement.

Is this aloe vera meant to taste bitter?

Aloe vera has so many unbelievable healthy qualities but it is well known that the taste is bitter. We add in organic lemon juice to keep it fresh and to give it a clean and natural taste. Ours really is the best tasting around (as agreed by many of our customers) because we only use the inner leaf gel and not the outer rind.

Why does Simplee Aloe’s aloe vera only last for 3 weeks once opened?

Our aloe vera is totally fresh and we are the ONLY aloe vera juice on the market to use absolutely no artificial preservatives. As a result you need to make sure you use it within 3 weeks of opening.

What maximum temperature is the Aloe Vera exposed to during processing?

The maximum temperature that it is exposed to is 95°C.

Does Simplee Aloe’s aloe vera contain latex?

Absolutely none. Our aloe vera only contains the inner leaf gel of the plant. Latex is only present in the outer leaf which we do not use, ensuring that there will be no latex in the aloe vera we sell to you.

Can I drink Simplee Aloe’s aloe vera if I’m pregnant?

Although there is no scientific evidence to confirm that aloe vera taken internally can harm your unborn child, we would always recommend you speak to your doctor before consuming.