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Using Aloe Vera In Your Beauty Routine

by Natascha Stewart |

Whether it’s to soothe, moisturise, aid acne or fight anti-ageing, Aloe Vera has the solution to a diverse set of beauty issues. Due to Aloe’s anti-inflammatory properties, this natural ingredient is a must-have in any beauty routine. Here is how you can incorporate this miraculous plant into your routine and use what nature provides to your full advantage!




The classic and most popular way of using Aloe Vera’s anti-inflammatory benefits! Apply it on your skin to relax your sunburn.


Night-time Sleeping Mask:

Slather a generous layer of Aloe Vera gel/cream as the last step of your skincare routine to not only keep your previous skincare products nicely locked in so they can be fully absorbed into the skin, but to also wake up with a glowing complexion from all the nourishing properties in Aloe.


Combat anti-ageing:

The naturally occurring antioxidants found in Aloe (such as Vitamin C and E) can aid to fight those stressful wrinkles by tightening and improving the firmness of the skin.


Hair Mask:

To stimulate hair growth massage some Aloe Vera onto the scalp and wash it off. Apply a light layer onto the hair to keep it nourished throughout the day.


Post Waxing/Shaving:

After taking care of your body hair, apply it onto the freshly waxed/shaved areas to lessen redness and irritation (use an Aloe Vera cream/gel with a lower percentage of alcohol to prevent stinging).


Nail Care:

Apply some aloe on your nails and cuticles to keep them strong and healthy.


Acne treating:

The hormones present in Aloe Vera gel help fighting acne by reducing skin inflammation and quicker healing.


Good health and digestive aid:

You can incorporate Aloe Vera into your routine by simply drinking it! Add a shot of prebiotic packed, organic Aloe Vera juice into your smoothie, protein shake, or whatever you please to add a kick of rich nutrients into your diet. Our Simplee Aloe Organic Aloe Vera Health Supplement is the perfect way to boost your juices and make your beauty shine from within.