Stress busting houseplants!

Posted: November 27, 2017

House plants: The ultimate stress reducers!

With indoor greenery being particularly popular at the moment, house plants are popping up in most living rooms across the country to bring indoor spaces to life and inject a bit of ‘exotic’ to our homes. However, house plants don’t only look great, but they are also the ultimate stress relievers! And here’s why:


  1. They purify the air

House plants have a number of healing properties and can particularly help clear pollutants found in any chemical cleaning products and other toxicities in your home. These pollutants can cause stress on your body and in particularly your liver which can eventually lead to physiological stress.


  1. Oxygen releasing

As all plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, having one of these in your bedroom can help to promote quality of sleep. Lack of sleep is one of the major causes of stress. Make sure you check whether your plant is oxygen releasing at night, as not all are!


  1. Mould reducing

Some plants, in particular English Ivy plant, can apparently reduce 94% of airborne mould. Mould exposure can cause sickness, allergy symptoms and nausea.


  1. Promotes calm

Studies have shown that being amongst nature promotes feeling of calm and relaxation which in turn will benefit your mood. So bringing the wild inside can be a source of overall happiness.


We know that stress may also wreak havoc on our digestion too, so along with your daily Aloe shot, go and create your little indoor jungle to feel more productive, more tranquil and less stressed!