How not to kill your succulents

Posted: November 3, 2017

Let’s face it… come pay day we all spend a small fortune on these plants thinking they are invincible. A month later they are sitting in our window sills, looking very sad, wilted and probably on their death beds. But why?! Although they are very low maintenance plants, you may be accidentally killing them by doing the following things:


When it comes to watering your plants, less is more! Only water your plants when their soil has been completely dry for several days as overwatering can cause your plants to rot.

Poor drainage

Before you buy your succulents an instagram worthy pot; make sure it’s big enough to contain the plant with it still in its plastic pot. Don’t take it out of the plastic pot as these pots have holes at the bottom which will allow for drainage. Succulents need their roots to dry out quickly so if they do not have a drainage hole, they may sit in water for too long and then rot or die. Make sure once you’ve watered, to empty the bottom pot of water to make sure your succulent is puddle free!

Lack of lighting

When succulents don’t receive enough sunlight, they’ll develop long and weak stems, gaps between petals and colour loss. They need direct sunlight for at least 6 hours a day. So maybe when you leave for work, position them near a window that receives direct sunlight for the day. Remember they are used to the desert!

Too much light

While succulents do need lighting, too much sun might wear out these little guys. If you notice black spots on the leaves, or a whitish colour spreading over your succulent, then your plant may be experiencing too much sun exposure and time to move it into the shade for a while!

Watering with spray bottles

It is a common misconception that succulents should be watered with spray bottles. These might help temporarily with a humid environment so make sure you are aware of the plant you have bought as succulents don’t want this. Spray bottles encourage shallow, thin roots because the water isn’t sinking into the soil. They can also lead to mould growth!


So there you have it. Here’s hoping to a higher survival rate of our green leaved friends!


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